Almanac of Clinical Medicine

Scientific and practical peer-reviewed journal

“Almanac of Clinical Medicine” deals with issues of development of relevant research in diagnostics, treatment and prevention of various disorders, development and implementation into medical practice of new technologies, devices and pharmaceuticals, as well as with organizational problems of public healthcare. Publications in the journal mirror perspective developments of modern medical science in more than 45 areas.

The journal publishes articles on all aspects of clinical medicine: results of original, special, fundamental studies with clinical significance; review articles on relevant medical problems; clinical case descriptions; clinical guidelines. Publications in the journal are free.

“Almanac of Clinical Medicine” is in the List of leading reviewed scientific journals, where main scientific results of theses for a scientific degree of candidate of medical sciences and doctor of medical sciences must be published (VAK list).

The journal is indexed in the system of the Russian Index of Scientific Citation (RISC).


Vol. 50, Issue 1. Section: Oncology. Deadline for submissions: January 3, 2022
Vol. 50, Issue 2. Section: Neurology. Deadline for submissions: February 14, 2022
Vol. 50, Issue 3. Section: Cardiology. Deadline for submissions: March 21, 2022
Vol. 50, Issue 4. Section: Radiology. Deadline for submissions: May 9, 2022
Vol. 50, Issue 5. Section: Endocrinology. Deadline for submissions: June 6, 2022
Vol. 50, Issue 6. Section: Gastroenterology. Deadline for submissions: July 11, 2022
Vol. 50, Issue 7. Section: Dermatovenereology. Deadline for submissions: August 15, 2022
Vol. 50, Issue 8. Section: Multidisciplinary. Deadline for submissions: September 19, 2022


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